Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to sign up as a Property Manager affiliate instead of a Partner affiliate?

Koi.Credit offers several distinct tools specifically intended for licensed Property Managers. They have a different sign up process, and are provided a different dashboard. If you are not a licensed Property Manager, but you want to partake in the Koi.Credit profit sharing, then you can sign up as a Partner affiliate. Both types of affiliates can benefit from signing up renters to the Koi.Credit program.

As a Property Manager can I invite my tenants to the Koi.Credit program?

Yes. We have incorporated Mass Email Invites in your Property Management Dashboard. You can import an Excel Sheet filled with the name and emails of your tenants, and our referral invite system will do the rest.

If someone recruits me as a Property Manager Affiliate, do they gain a commission for my referral?

No. Commissions are only gained when a RENTER is referred. Property Managers and Partners do not reward commissions. Only renters who sign up for the Koi.Credit rent reporting program reward commissions. But, if you refer a property manager, you will receive $2 for every renter that property manager refers.

What does it cost to become an affiliate as a Property Manager of the Koi.Credit Profit Sharing Program?

There are no setup fees or monthly subscription costs to become an affiliate as a Property Manager to the Koi.Credit Profit Sharing Program. Enrolling into the Koi.Credit Profit Sharing Program is absolutely FREE.

Is there a maximum number of referrals that Property Managers can recruit?

Of course not! Sky is the limit regarding this amazing affiliate marketing opportunity. Take advantage of the commissions and our business toolkits to recruit as many renters to the Koi.Credit program as possible. Instead of spending countless advertising dollars to promote the Koi.Credit Rent Reporting Program, we have decided to reward our property managers with high commissions for spreading the word for us and sharing in the profits.

When will commission be paid out?

All commissions no matter how large or how small, will be paid out at the end of every month, but after 30 days of the satisfaction guaranteed period has passed from your referral.

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Are you a Renter?

A Renter Affiliate is a renter who is a client of the Koi.Credit rent reporting program and has also decided to participate as an affiliate in the Koi.Credit Profit Sharing Program.

Are you a Property Manager?

A Property Manager Affiliate is someone who is a licensed Property Manager, and not a renter who is reporting rent with Koi.Credit.

Are you a Partner?

A Partner Affiliate is someone who has signed up for Koi.Credit’s Profit Sharing Program, but is not a licensed Property Manager or a Renter who is reporting rent with Koi.Credit’s rent reporting program.