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JumpStart Add-On

Are you looking to apply for a car loan in the near future?
Or are you getting ready to qualify for a home loan? Or do you
simply want to increase your credit score at a faster rate?
Now you can by having your previous two (2) years of rent payments
reported to the credit bureaus. This will provide a nice boost almost
instantly within thirty (30) days or sooner. We call this our “Jump Start” Program.

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We are committed to helping you get the credit score you deserve. Try us for 30 days and if you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your Reporting Fee.No questions asked.

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Are you a Renter?

A Renter Affiliate is a renter who is a client of the Koi.Credit rent reporting program and has also decided to participate as an affiliate in the Koi.Credit Profit Sharing Program.

Are you a Property Manager?

A Property Manager Affiliate is someone who is a licensed Property Manager, and not a renter who is reporting rent with Koi.Credit.

Are you a Partner?

A Partner Affiliate is someone who has signed up for Koi.Credit’s Profit Sharing Program, but is not a licensed Property Manager or a Renter who is reporting rent with Koi.Credit’s rent reporting program.