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Koi.Credit is proud to present our 50/50 Profit Sharing Affiliate Program with our Partners. Now you can earn passive residual income offering Renters Koi.Credit’s Rent Reporting Program. Koi.Credit provides the tools necessary to succeed as a Koi.Credit Partner. You can earn cash by helping Renters improve their credit score.

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Koi.Credit’s Partner Affiliate Program is geared towards helping college students, single moms, realtors, and entrepreneurs to increase their monthly income. We support Partners who want the opportunity to succeed as leaders in their community. Our Partners can now offer a service that they can be proud of.

"Business-In-A-Box", Done For You

Koi.credit offers a complete “Business-In-A-Box” toolkit that includes everything you need to start recruiting massive referrals as a Partner. You will receive the following resources to get your affiliate business going!

Personalized link - Once you sign-up, you will be given your own personalized URL affiliate link that guarantees all your referrals are yours and yours alone. You can share this link on your social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
Note: For your protection, enter your referral’s email into your dashboard before sending out your personalised link, and this will guarantee your referral.

Mobile Responsive Web You can refer renters to Koi.Credit through our Mobile Responsive Web. Once you meet a potential renter on the go, you can ask them if they are a renter and then if they are, immediately enter their email address on your phone to add as a referral. Once you’ve entered their email, Koi.Credit does the rest making sure to convert your leads into members.

CRM Marketing A well-planned email campaign will make sure your leads turn into solid referrals. We have created several email campaigns that communicates with your leads, the advantages of having them in our program.

Landing Page We have created several landing pages that will assist you with converting potential members into solid leads with very high conversion rates. These landing pages will have your personal affiliate link attached so your referral is always linked back to you. (Currently Under Construction)

Sales Videos We have a large database of sales videos that will help educate and motivate your referrals to sign up and to easily convey the information necessary to close on your leads. (Currently Under Construction)

Dashboard This is your office at Koi.Credit. Your dashboard will inform you of all the leads you have gathered, the activities of all your referrals, your monthly income, your leads that need following up on, and much, much more. Your dashboard is unique to you and will convey your status as an affiliate in our program.

And much, much more like Business Cards Postcards, Door Hangers, and templates.

We are looking to recruit ROCK STAR PARTNERS. There is no sign up fee or verification fee for our partners. It’s TOTALLY FREE to create an account and you can start making passive income TODAY.

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Are you a Renter?

A Renter Affiliate is a renter who is a client of the Koi.Credit rent reporting program and has also decided to participate as an affiliate in the Koi.Credit Profit Sharing Program.

Are you a Property Manager?

A Property Manager Affiliate is someone who is a licensed Property Manager, and not a renter who is reporting rent with Koi.Credit.

Are you a Partner?

A Partner Affiliate is someone who has signed up for Koi.Credit’s Profit Sharing Program, but is not a licensed Property Manager or a Renter who is reporting rent with Koi.Credit’s rent reporting program.