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Meet our Team

Luis Gaurano, MBA, CEO Co-Founder. Credit Expert, 35+ years enterprenuer

Eric Pino, CTO
20+ years experience

Geil Bilu, JD, In-house Attorney, 18+ years experience

Chris Corley, Co-founder 35+ years experience in Real Estate. RE Broker in 2 States

Travis Agle, CPA CFO 20+ years in practice.

Michael Barnard, Marketing Director 8+ years experience in marketing

Our Story

Our company went through many renditions and testing before it came to be the rent reporting platform we know today, Koi.Credit. The idea of using renter’s rent payments to build their credit score sprouted in a conversation between co-founder Luis Gaurano and co-founder Chris Corley in 2006. Troubled by the thought of renters not getting credit for their rent payments, the two came up with a mission to benefit all renters.

After two years of hard work and careful testing, they created the Tenant Credit Builder Program. As it was about to launch the two founders encountered personal problems. Luis was struggling with a divorce and Chris was working through major health issues.

However, the two founders reconciled and have constructed a new team with fresh and improved ideas for the company’s future. Their goal stays the same to this day, to help renters improve their credit score and provide passive income to be able to supplement their daily living expenses.

Our Prospective

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